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Photovoltaic solar electric panels overhead can be above patios, terraces, balconies and breezeways, adjacent to buildings,
in courtyards and gardens with stationary PV and one-axis tracking PV, milled and round wood structures for do-it-yourselfers*,
architecture projects, zero-net-energy + solar homes, and renewable energy planned developments.

For people who do want a solar electric power plant in their yards.

* competent electrical design and installation are advised

PVO Pergola trellis (stationary PV)
above patios and terraces can be
at the north side of buildings
with PV tilt and spacing options
and short non-trench wiring

Wood PVOLT (PV Overhead Linkage Tracker)
during demonstration 2001 installation

  Photo by C. Hulet

PVO Pergola Plans

8 Rows
0° Tilt
32 PV panels

7 Rows
10° Tilt
28 PV panels
6 Rows
15° Tilt
24 PV panels
5 Rows
20° Tilt
20 PV panels
4 Rows
1 axis tracking
16 PV panels

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